Top 10 things you need to know before opening a smoothie shop

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I own a high volume smoothie shop that has had tremendous success over the last 12 years. Opening a smoothie shop is typically a $150k to $250k investment. Something as little as spending 20 cents too much making a smoothie can be the difference between success and failure due to the fact that you might make 100,000 to 200,000 smoothies in a year if you are a busy store.

Our top 10 list gives you some of the MOST important things that you NEED to know before you consider venturing into the smoothie industry. You are probably interested in starting your own smoothie shop because "in your area, there is litterally “nothing”, or anyone there “isn’t that great”. The reason for that is because “it isn’t as easy as you think”. A LOT of smoothie shops close down. I’ve seen a lot of very smart people get run out of the industry and lose everything they once had.

I WANT to see you succeed (unless you are in Tampa of course :-) which is why I made this list and offering it available to you. This list is “information” and not an actual book. Very short, but very sweet. “Shipping” is FREE, since it will be emailed to you.

I originally sold this list for $100, but due to the increasing demand of the smoothie industry and inquiries I’m getting, I’m offering it spring/summer of 2010 for only $19.99.

Chris Mueller
Tampa, FL

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